"Roll With Me" a documentary film by Lisa France

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Created by Lisa France

on 03/01/2013

4+ Star Ratings

A recovering drug addict pushes a standard wheelchair across America to inspire, raise awareness and roll away from his difficult past. Visit www.rollwithme.org to see Gabe's location on Google Latitude, visit press page to support the RWM team. 2,000 mile mark will happen today! 6/3

On April 1st, 2013, Gabriel Cordell will begin pushing himself into history, rolling his wheelchair from Pacific Ocean(Santa Monica, CA) to the Atlantic Ocean(Jones Beach) with final destination being West Hempstead, New York arriving He needs your help to get rolling.

Cameras will be following this adventure, and the ensuing documentary will be a film about one man pushing his physical, mental, and emotional boundaries to the extreme limits, as he becomes the first person to manually cross this country in a wheelchair in 75 days. To prepare for the upcoming challenges, he has been training at the local track, the burbank hills and the Burbank Community YMCA, the place Gabe has deemed “his safehaven.”

On back roads and through forgotten towns, this documentary will follow Gabriel on the most important journey of his life. One that has seen him through paralysis, recovery from sexual and drug addictions, and on through his ultimate desire to prove that with will, determination, and a bit of work no one has to be constrained by their past and held to circumstances. Gabe will talk to people along the way who come to roll, walk, ride, sit or drive next to him and share his inspiration. All people are welcome!

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  • Uploaded 05/14/2013
  • Uploaded 03/01/2013

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  • Gabriel Cordell
  • Uploaded: 03/14/2013
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  • Born In North Africa, raised in New York, and now residing in California, Gabriel is looking to take his life’s path and career to new heights. After 18 years in the entertainment industry, as an actor, model, writer/creator, Gabriel is looking to produce his first documentary film about this journey across America. Of all the roles Gabriel has played on film or stage, this journey and film being made will be the greatest role of his life.
  • Created: 03/14/2013
  • Producer
  • Christian is a third-generation film-maker, a descendant of two Oscar nominated editors, a world traveler, and a Girl Scout. In front of the camera he has gone from background actor, to supporting actor, to reality star. Behind the camera he has gone from production assistant to Director, from casting assistant to Producer. Over the past two years he has worked almost every position on a film set. Christian is inspired by stories that make the audience think, not just think about the films they watch, but think about how the messages in those films resonate within their daily lives.
  • Created: 03/14/2013
  • Director
  • Lisa France’s feature and short films have garnered critical and popular acclaim throughout the United States and Europe. France’s feature directorial debut, Anne B. Real, has won over 25 film festival awards and nominations including two Independent Spirit Award nominations. France’s other features include: Love & Suicide, shot on location in Havana, Cuba; The Unseen, which France also produced, wrote & directed, stars Gale Harold (Queer As Folk), Steve Harris (The Practice) and Judah Friedlander (American Splendor & 30 Rock) and premiered on Starz. Most recently France co-created, produced, and directed the reality series sizzle Heels on Wheels and is in active development with both feature film and docu-series projects. For more information visit: www.LisaFrance.com
  • Created: 03/14/2013
  • 2nd Camera, Photographer, Co-Producer
  • Sarah Skinner is an international photographer and 2nd Camera from Seattle, WA who has shot with the best — Ford Models, WM Agency, Vogue–throughout Europe and around the world. Sarah’s eye is driven by her desire to be a storyteller of the lives of others – the Art of the shot always comes first. For years Sarah has been photo-documenting HOPE, and she brings that same passion to this amazing story of human inspiration.
  • Created: 03/14/2013
  • Co-Producer
  • Chris comes from Seattle, WA, who is a Language Lover, Believer in being Actively Dynamically Involved in everything to accomplish anything. He has 15 years of experience in Financial Planning and Real Estate Finance and started his life in the adult world where he enjoyed a diverse and varied clientele building many wonderful relationships most of which he enjoys to this day. Chris began his professional career in June 2011 where he volunteered to be a grip for an Indy film set. The Director approached him with a role after 4 days and 17 months and 228 sets later he has finally found himself contributing everything he has, to accomplish any passion he shares. Don’t Hear what I say, Listen to what I do…
  • Created: 03/14/2013
  • Social Media
  • Sue B. aka SueB.Do is a successful passionate high energy entrepreneur. She is the epitome of being social both on and offline. Sue has a deep knowledge and ability of building brands and driving sales as on online expert. Sue is a master at engagement and connecting & empowering others so they too can be successful.



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